Why I am a volunteer?


Why I am a volunteer?

I am volunteer through the University of East London as mentor and coach for students. Also, a volunteer through Bragernes Church in Drammen, Norway, as a Sunday school teacher, cook, as well as serving in various committees. mm. Further I am also volunteering in St Hallvard. Previously I have been a volunteer in the Church City Mission in Oslo, the Association of the Georgian Orthodox Church in Norway and through the Norwegian School of Management in Drammen as a mentor for Students.

Volunteering allows you for personal expression and creativity, as well as learning and mastering new perspectives. Personally, it has been a wonderful way to meet people that I would not otherwise have met and challenge me.

Volunteering not only has a positive effect on society people who volunteer to work are happier than others, if we shall believe Professor Ruut Veenhoven at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Veenhoven manage research database The World Database of Happiness, which contains statistical data and a large amount of research literature on happiness. Per the research data, volunteering contributes to happiness in several ways. “It gives more social contact, but also improves your chance of getting to know others beyond the voluntary network, because it improves people’s social skills. Volunteers also learn about democracy: To interact with others, build their own networks and contribute to wider decision making. All this contributes to happiness “, says Veenhoven.

At the societal level, there is no doubt that culture and volunteerism is very important for happiness and quality of life. These are two significant factors in what is regarded as good, stable and democratic society, per a report published by the Centre for Research on Civil Society and Voluntary Sector in 2010.

Reciprocity is important to the success of volunteer work – both parties must feel that they get something in return. The feeling of being of benefit and enjoyment for others, creates reciprocity in the relationship between the giver and the person receiving help.
My voluntary involvement in different areas has given me a richer life.


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