Dr. Hole has volunteered worked to help the Georgian Orthodox church to establish themselves with a monastery in Norway. Until last end-year 2015-/2016 Dr. Hole was elected President of the Association for the Georgian the monasteries of Saint Olav and Saint Sunniva in Norway.

In the period 2014 – 2016 he served as Elected Chairman of Virke Rehab.

In 2015 he visited the great country of Georgia several times and had several official meetings with both the State Minister of Diaspora,  Deputy Minister of Health, Chief of Economic Politics of the Georgia Parliament,  Minister of Tourism, the President of  Georgia, last but not least the Georgian Patriarch. Dr. Hole also met with members of the country’s unofficial royal family, HRH Prince Juan De Bagration Mukhrani.

Moreover Dr. Hole has been involved in volunteer work in Ukraine, Egypt, and Africa. He is work volunteer for the Church of Norway, Bragernes Church in Drammen.

He current serv as member of Bragernes Parish council of the Church of Norway, Committee Chairman for the new Church Building behind Bragernes Church in Drammen.

Glenn is also elected one of 30 international mentors for students at University of East London.

UEL med Atumn

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Glenn Hole with Autumn Szeliga, International Student Recruitment Officer at University of East London

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glenn på stortinget

From the period 2014 – 2016 where he served as Chairman of Virke Rehab – representing Virke in the Norwegian Parliament.



Official meeting with the President of Georgia


Official meeting with the President of Georgia


Official meeting with the Georgian Patriarch


Official meetings with the Georgian Minister of Diasporas


Official meeting with the Chief of Economic Politics in the Georgian Parliament

The Bernadotte Foundation in Stockholm 


marianne bernadotte

The Bernadotte Foundation in Stockholm, with Princess Marianne Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg

Facilitating official meeting in the Norwegian Parliament for the Ukrainian Association of disable people with the former Deputy Chairman of  Transport committee Mr. Bård Hoksrud

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In Kiev, Ukraine,   Association of disable peoples arrangement in Kiev.


VIP guest In Kiev, Ukraine,   Association of disable peoples arrangement in Kiev.

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Bernadotte Awards


Sustainability Meeting with Oslo’s Bishop Kari Veiteberg



Environmental management at NTNU


Environmental Meeting With Orkla and the Norwegian Primeminister Erna Solberg


Bilateral meetings with Prince Juan De Bagration-Mukhrani of Georgia


Bilateral meetings with Bishop Biemen of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt


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Appeal on racism in Norway


Bilateral Meetings with The Vice Patriarch and Bishop of the Patrirach of Georgia 



Bilateral Meeting with Minister of Health in Georgia