What goals and values ​​do we want?

Personally I think that the goals will always be relative and constantly changing as the situation you are in. So I think it might be better to have established basic values ​​in life than the set targets.

Our basic values ​​will most likely be more or less constant while our goals will ever to be constantly changing. With values ​​I do not think primarily of the values that all kinds of religions try to convince people about. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Although my values are rooted in Christianity. By value, I think first and foremost on the values ​​one would like to have in life.

It may be that one decides that one will be forthcoming, find the best qualities in those who we meet through our journey of life, so that they can see their own value and grow and flourish as human beings.

As we see today, with the Panama scandal our society measured values ​​primarily in cash and status, but what about our fundamental values ​​as morals and ethics? as one every society must be built without having to coincide.

A person’s life can be compared to a house; It consists of three main elements: foundations, ceilings and walls, and some decor. The foundations are the fundamental values ​​that must never be touched without the house collapses. Ceilings and walls are important principles that enough can be customized when times goes, but by and large it all cannot be the subject of more than minor tweaks. The decor is the small items that need to be characterized by dynamic and change, otherwise it will all soon become outdated. Yet it is the decor which is the most striking and what we are most concerned about, the foundations wall we rarely sacrifice a thought in today’s society.

Some reflections by Rainer Haak;

“When you go forward on your way scout then not only by the large, what one cannot avoid to see:




beautiful house and


Look not only at the eye-catching: the sunrise and air balloon. I wish that you must have the ability to

See what most people overlook. I wish you could see the humble flower beside the road, the

decayed tree stump and lizard at the brook. And you could see people sitting by the roadside,

Sad, desperate and resigned. I want that little could be great for you and that insignificant could be


With these reflections I hope several of us perhaps can stop up for a while and be present of our journey of life, both in the private context and in the professional work.