Value-driven leadership

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In today’s global market a leader need the ability to cope with several challenges at the same time. In order to succeed in today’s business environment, it requires that the leader must be able to readjust themselves and being a communicative leader.

A leader must be able to handle both new development of new products, new customer requirements and sales of new products and services, and last but not least able to deal with new demands from new employees in the so-called generation Y.

Today’s leaders must be able to handle changes continuously and be able to reinvent the business within a short time. Meanwhile, he-/she must be able to communicate with both the market and its people. In this session, the top leader must also be able to ignite a new vision to the employees and develop each employee to become productive employees.

What often lies on the shoulders of a leader is a huge challenge that get more and more demanding and can be difficult to cope with and handle no matter how well educated and experience the leader is.

This is where value driven management comes, managers must be “LEADERS” with a capital “L”. A senior manager must be able to communicate the company’s vision and strategy for its employees in a way that enables employees to adopt its vision and strategy and become part of it.

Top executives must focus on business driven HR and develop proper attitudes for its employees, the person must be able to listen, understand challenges of their employees, top leader must help to empower their employees with the use of Lean Management and Business Process Management. There are many employees who feel that they have been given responsibility to implement changes, but they have not been empowered to the task they have been set to do.

The top executive’s leadership capabilities are one of the most essential factors if he-/she will be a successful leader or not. Each company that is managed and run by positive values ​​and ethics will be able to develop the ability and endurance and face any challenges, even in turbulent times such as the financial crisis that has been for the last years.

This is because the organizational values ​​in the company plays a major role as a `Lighthouse / oil lamps” or guiding star for the company and its employees. Values ​​are determined by the sincerity and direction of a company’s vision and the way it acts to serve and achieve its purpose.

Value-driven leadership is based on a very specific notion that performance and behaviour of managers in the company will be led by and compliance in practice, in other words correspondence between word and action. We talked here about organizational core values ​​that include;


– Integrity


– Honesty


– Fairness


– Consistency


– Accountability


– Due diligence


– Confidentiality


– Professionalism and ethical practices among others.

No company can survive in the long term by not making the “right and proper thing” and without all stakeholders: employees, customers, investors, governments, local and global society as a catalyst for the universal values.

What is Value-driven leadership?

Value-driven leadership is all about utilizing the aforementioned values ​​as the foundation of its business operations to realize the value / profit which is the very sustainability of any success and growth of a business. It is not necessary the only motive. Value-driven leadership combines personal principles, values ​​and corporate ethics with commercial sustainability consideration. It is important to recognize that it is necessary to create value, but also that money and commercial value creation is not the only need for long-term sustainable development.

The value in value-driven leadership alludes to the nature of the relationship between companies and their partners.

In value-driven leadership, we find a correlation between how well a company creates value in the relationship development of the company and in collaboration with its stakeholders and, last but not least the return that one creates for its investors. Businesses struggle to be competitive, be superior to be the preferred option for current and prospective employees, customers, and investors are tremendous.

These battles can be won by having good values ​​and ethics as basic foundation of a company and its management philosophy. As part of value-driven leadership we find business track HR and Lean Management as part items.

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