The TIPS model and Continuous improvement is based on an approach to creating value within the organization

The TIPS model and Continuous improvement is a way of ruling, a way of working and a way of thinking – which contribute to increased value in the short and long term for clients, employees, owners and society. It’s about the organization manages to have two thoughts simultaneously:

  • Completion of work processes in the right way
  • Daily improvement of the way the work processes performed on
  • Some key principles for successful Continuous Improvement

The TIPS model and Continuous improvement must be anchored at board level to ensure understanding of the importance of continuous improvement efforts. For example, as the Board of Directors of the Norwegian Insurance company Storebrand has decided that continuous improvement (Lean) is a strategic business area that is equal the insurance business.

Management must engage themselves and all employees in the development and continuous improvement

One must treat causes, not symptoms, often we see that organizations treat symptoms rather than the underlying causes

Focusing on the customer and see it from the customer’s perspective (Lean thinking).

Focus on achieving value-creating flow and reducing waste (not value-added services, from LEAN) and variety

Decisions must be based on facts and data and not emotions

A system to improve the performance of a process, a product or an organization

Think A – Z, from end-to-end processes and systems

Implementation and training is critical to building a culture of continuous improvement

We see time and again that one cannot succeed in a process of change. In the implementation of a process of change that continuous improvement is, there’s a risk of getting lost. It is important that you work from a standard that Lean and ISO. On the other hand, it is important not to become “regular riders’ ie that all the focus will be on tools, methodologies, templates and structure and where you lose focus on what actually matters – creating lasting results through reel change. Most of us have probably been involved ‘rule riders “who should only follow a template, fill out paperwork from A – without understanding what it is all about. Then it is also no change in the organization when such persons sitting as process managers.

In order to be able to create a culture that works with continuous improvement must add a significant resource in training to provide an understanding of why and how to work with this. Through this training you will be able to create a fertile ground for the continuous development of the organization.

My methodology for implementation of a successful projects by using the TIPS model and focus on Continuous improvement is on five levels (how much is taken from the LEAN).

TIPS eng

The concept of binding people, process and technology together was the precursor of the TIPS model. After Dr. Hole worked a lot of  binding people, process and technology together, he found out that strategy also was an important part of how to succeed with building  competitive advantages for an organization. These are the four dimensions that must be taken to achieve the goal of increased customer value and establishing a culture of continuous improvement.


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