The journey of life


A person’s life can be compared to a house, it consists of three main elements: foundations, ceilings and walls, and some decor. The foundations are the fundamental values that must never be touched without the house collapses. Ceilings and walls are important principles that enough can be customized when times goes, but by and large it all cannot be the subject of more than minor tweaks. The decor is the small items that need to be characterized by dynamic and change, otherwise it will all soon become outdated. Yet it is the decor which is the most striking and what we are most concerned about, the foundations wall we rarely sacrifice a thought in today’s society.

When you walk through the journey of life, stop up and reflect once a while

You might see the small and insignificant not only by the large, what you cannot avoid to see:

  • – traffic
  • – street light
  • – cars
  • – and successful people

Look not only at the eye-catching: the million dollar house or car . I wish that you must have the ability to see what most people overlook. I wish you could see the little meadow with the humble beside the road. And you could see people sitting by the roadside waiting for the bus or train, the sad one, desperate and resigned. I want that the little could be great for you and that insignificant could be important.

Don’t forget we are just pilgrims on the road of life and it will never be our home. Our road of life is full of ups and downs. And our best companion of the road of life will be our faith, both in sunny and rainfull days.

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