Strategic focus on Human Resources can add competitive advantage for corporate organizations



The management philosopher Dr. Hole is of the opinion that the human resources function is at a crossroads, as new technologies create opportunities for more strategic leadership in the management of human capital and corporate culture, while commoditizing some of HR’s traditional administrative functions.

What’s the strategic vision for HR in today’s large organizations? How can HR proactively help drive business results and business transformation? What are best practices in global talent management, selfservice HR systems, and outsourcing? Who is the customer for HR? How can HR and IT work together to further the corporation’s business goals?

The Strategic Role of HR:

As a management philosopher Dr. Hole sees HR as a potential change catalyst, where HR can contribute to create a sustainable supply of P/E enhancing talent, and to support future growth in markets that we want to be in that the organization are not in today. HR used to be very transaction oriented, very much a cop role and still even in 2016 we see organization do this.  In 2016 this is not correct anymore, HR really needs to be an enabling function where its preserving and evolving company culture. That glues together the corporate behaviours and expectations is crucial strategic development of the HR role.

The management philosopher Dr. Hole is of the opinion that HR need to be a catalyst for strategic change, HR needs to focus on creating a work environment that promotes continuous learning. That is completely different from the traditional HR task and mission.

Dr. Hole is highlighted that the workforce performance management is a key for strategic development of HR. The corporate management group needs to adopted HR as a strategic tool that is going to help the organizations to win in the future. One need to implement innovative programs ranging from performance management to talent development. Technology can also enhance HR’s strategic role by helping speed cultural change.

HR’s key challenge is getting aligned with the business strategy so the organization don’t look for yesterday’s people, one need to hire employee’s tomorrow’s challenges.   HR needs to be a strategic contributor in the organizations not only a hire and fire department.

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