Resilience, Innovation, and Sustainability: The Triad of Long-Term Growth

Last month, I attended the Astana International Forum, a crucial platform for global discussions on sustainability, resilience, and innovation. Engaging with international leaders and NGOs offered rich insights into how various sectors and regions perceive and address the pressing issues of our time.

Building on this, today, I had the privilege of engaging in a vibrant dialogue with the CEO of a major international company, who also attended the Astana International Forum. Our conversation focused on the critical importance of resilience and innovation in crafting a sustainable future. The perspective gained from these interactions further reinforced the immense value of these elements in our collective journey towards sustainability.

In these exchanges, I found many international leaders, including C-level executives and CEOs/Chairs, profoundly aware of the urgent necessity for action towards a sustainable future. It was refreshing and heartening to witness their keenness to understand the issues and their determination to enact real, impactful change, as I saw in Astana and experienced in today’s dialogue.

Resilience emerged as a pivotal theme today. In the face of mounting socio-economic challenges, natural disasters, and environmental degradation, resilience is a critical attribute to cultivate in our communities, systems, and ecosystems. Resilience enables us to absorb shocks, maintain function, and learn from adversity, ultimately forging a more robust and adaptive future.
Innovation, too, took centre stage. As a driver of adaptive change and solutions to complex problems, innovation empowers us to navigate uncertainties, transform our practices, and design a more sustainable world. With it, we can invent and scale green technologies, reinvent business practices towards circular economies, and create policies that effectively combat climate change and promote social equity.

These discussions with international leaders underlined the inseparable bond between resilience and innovation in our mission for a sustainable future. They offer us the tools and strategies to confront and conquer current challenges, build sustainable infrastructures, develop eco-friendly practices, and ultimately, shape a lot balanced, equitable, and resistant to the trials of time.

We still talk about sustainability in Norway, but it has yet to transform into substantial action. We find ourselves engaged in continuous discussion without significant progress. This must change. While dialogue is necessary for understanding and planning, translating these words into action will bring about the desired change.

Reflecting on these experiences and insights, I am more committed to promoting a resilient and innovative society than ever. We must strive for sustainability and a more equitable and resilient future. We must ensure our actions echo louder than words!


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