Glenn Hole is contender for the Young Leader Award 2016 in Norway



Glenn Hole is nominated for the Year Young Leader 2016 in Norway.


Glenn is nominated as one of a hundred candidates for this year’s award of the year Young Leader 2016 in Norway. Glenn feel humble and proud to be nominated as one of the hundred for this award.

A small interview with Glen follows the Norwegian on this linked:


Glenn Hole

English translation:

Full name: Glenn Hole

Age: 39

I live in: 3021 Drammen, Norway

Title: CEO

Business: Procuratio Consulting

Latest education

2010 – 2015 Doctor of Philosophy in Management, Universidad Central Nicaragua. PhD in TIPS Model, (Technology, Intellectual Capital, Processes and Strategy Competitive Advantage.

Facts from CV

– Management in general, including corporate, amendment, project and personnel.

– Budget and performance targets as well as strategy and business development.

– Production Management in IT, customer service, accounting production, wages, electrical installation and patient care etc.

– Quality Management, ISO 9001, 14001, continuous improvement, process improvement

– TIPS model, technology, intellectual capital, processes and strategy as a competitive factor

My best qualities as a leader is:

Empathic and receptive and willing to change. Always seeking new ways for continuous improvement, not large bursts changes but small continuous changes in the long term contribute to continuous change

My main experience is:

Working to achieve results through motivated and inspired employees, my experience is that this is best done through information, involvement and mutual respect. Has good experience in creating high-performance teams / team working towards clearly defined and shared goals, this is for me a very interesting and rewarding process.

My best advice to young managers who are looking for the key to success is:

Believe in yourself, and you can make mistakes

I’m most happy for my role as a leader:

That my teammates succeed and grow both as leaders and fellows

The most important thing for me as a manager is:

Honesty and openness, as well as create space to be allowed to make mistakes. Without mistakes no progress

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