Continuous Process Improvement

How to create a system for constant and continuous improvement

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Understand the Process: Variations are Major Enemies

  • Detecting mode (heavy dependence on inspection/testing/control): Fire fighting is not effective
  • Preventive mode (emphasis on “do it right the first time and all the time): Use FEEDBACK to take corrective actions so that the process can be continuously improved.
Deming’s PDSA Cycle: Embedded in the Continuing System
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  • Plan
  • Do
  • Check/Study
  • Act
  • Analyze
  • Plan again

Problem Solving: A Continuous Effort

1.Identify problems as an opportunity

2.Analyze the problem: to find root causes

3.Develop optimal and cost effective solutions

4.Implement changes: system wide

5.Study the results: worked or not? Need adjustment?

6.Standardize solution: Keep problems from reoccurring.


Process Improvement Strategy: Finding Cost Effective Solution

  • Control existing process: i.e., statistical process control (SPC)
  • Optimize the process: i.e., design of experiment (DOE)
  • Change the system: hardware, software and brainware
  • New system: machine, human, materials, method

Six Sigma: Aim High

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Continuous Improvement

  • Build a quality (continuous improvement) culture. Positive and Constructive.
  • Drive out fear.
  • Provide organization-structural assurance for continuing feedback system.
  • Respond to customers needs and solve problems timely.
  • Standardize the procedure and continuously improve it.

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