Chat with the war hero Joachim Holmboe Rønneberg 9th December 2014

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Today it’s 8th May 2019 and it is 74 years since WWII ended.

9th December 2014 I had the honor to interview the war hero Joachim H. Rønneberg.

“Therefor it’s important that everyone understand that peace and freedom is not obvious, and this is important that today’s youth understand this. Too many take todays freedom for granted. Peace and freedom must be fought for everyday” Joachim H. Rønneberg, 9th December 2014.

There is probably much we are taking for granted today, and our freedom is not a matter of course. Let us remember more the victims of war and the sacrifice they made for our freedom today.

Please find attached my interview with the war hero.

Interview with Joachim Holmboe Rønneebrg 9th December 2014

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