Business processes are crucial to your organization´s success

The organizations business processes underpin business capabilities, and capabilities underpin your   ability to execute a strategy. In today’s fast changing world, with an exponential development in technology, disruptive innovation, and growth good business process is essential to business success

Due to the technological advancements with an exponential development organization need the ability to quickly adjust their strategies and develop new ones to streamline operations and take advantage of new opportunities.

Streamlined business processes will have a major impact on quality and on the organization’s profitability.

Here are some important areas to verify whether your business processes are efficient or not:

1. Customer value. What value does the process create for your customer and is it worth the cost?

2. Competences & Culture. Are your employees involved, well trained in the processes and is the culture functionally enabling?

3. Continuous improvement. Can the business process be replaced with better, cheaper, more environmentally friendly technology? Do you have a system for iterative continuous improvement based on user and customer feedback? Continuous improvement underpins successful execution.

The business processes are fundamental to an organization’s culture. They define how things are done and why they are done that way. And because organizations are constantly changing as they respond to internal and external pressures, continual process improvement can enable team engagement and lead to growth. Growth will not occur without effective strategy execution.

4. Is your business process clear and understandable what should be done, when, how, where and by whom?

5. Interdependency. How does the business processes in your company support other business process?

By implementing lean management in your organization, it can contribute to visualising  the business processes for your employees. By implementing lean management,  the organization can review  and improve its current business process continuously. That will contribute to give your organization a significant momentum to execute it strategy.

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