Are you thinking of studying abroad? Why not consider the United Kingdom and London?


I myself studied in United Kingdom and London, both my advanced diploma in management and my MBA (Master of Business Administration). I can honestly say that I thought it was wonderful to study in the UK, and can therefore recommend it highly enough. (Photo: Miss Autumn Szeliga (International Student Recruitment Officer) and myself)

So, whether you want to go out for a semester, a year or even years – there are many good reasons to take a chance! As I always say to my wife, what’s the worst that might? Jo that you cannot enjoy themselves and go home again.

Eight years after I completed my MBA at University of East London, UEL (, I went back to UEL. This time I had with me my family, my son 8 years old and my daughter of 7 years. Maybe one day, if they wish so too can they study at UEL in the future.


I am amazed of the development that have happened with UEL since 2008, since I was student there UEL has developed a knowledge dock business centre, Sport dock and new housing facilities for students. There are loads of good reasons to study abroad, and more specifically the UK and London!

– Britain is known worldwide for the quality of education they offer. So, you will be able to get an education of high quality from an internationally recognized university. In Britain, you’ll find everything from theoretical and traditional universities to modern and innovative institutions. Together they offer all possible studies you can imagine. The Universities provides challenges and helps you achieve your potential, for me UEL inspired me to study further abroad and take my PhD overseas. The international environment at UEL gave me inspiration to seek further out. What I liked particularly well at UEL was that our teachers and lecturers even practiced in the field they teach! This contributed to the teachers and lecturers at UEL managed to exemplify theoretical models to practical working life. – Study abroad makes you stand out in a positive way in relation to a future employer, and it makes you more independent. In addition, it shows your future employer that you dare to go against the grain, that you take the initiative and that you are tackling challenges (not to mention that you have had challenges!).

– Britain has many more options when it comes to both study and combination options than you’ll find in Norway. Besides, you can greatly customize your own education and have great freedom of choice in relation to subjects you can choose, if you want to go on exchange to another country, or if you want work practices as part of your education.



– What I liked about the UEL and the UK is that you will get to know people and cultures from around the world! Britain is one of the world’s most international campuses, and because they are known for the quality of education they offer, as are some of the best students from around the world to the UK to study.

– You will also be better in English and could master the language much better than if you had not studied in the UK, which is a great advantage when applying for jobs, as well as to provide international experience. English is the world’s main languages, and there are well no better place to learn this than in Britain?

– For Norwegians is a short distance to fly from Oslo to London, with several low-cost airlines, in addition to that which Norwegian nationals do not need visas.

– You get a new perspective on Norway and the world. The culture is very like home because of the historical roots Norway and Britain share. This means that there is little chance that you experience any major culture clash, but at the same time as the culture is so different that it is very exciting and instructive!

– The British are polite and friendly, and you can be sure you get a warm welcome in the UK, with good friends for life! Most also go alone, so everyone else is in the same situation as you in the beginning and ready to meet new friends from around the world. You will also be guaranteed residence at our universities (if you apply before the deadline).


– You will get an international network. You’ll find that your friends you get from around the world can also be a network for you in your job later. Such a network will be able to help you first-hand in many work situations, and to have contacts in other countries can also make you attractive on the job market.

– Since the study communities are much larger than in Norway, there are clubs and associations for everything you can imagine! Both in terms of sport, but also everything from RPGs associations tea clubs. If you miss an association, then you are just starting out yourself! So, whatever your hobbies and interests, you can pursue this in your spare time. You might also want to try something new?

– Universities have their own s Student Union at UEL ( which hosts concerts and other activities for students always. Schools also offer fitness centers and other offers at their leisure (Please read more under the campus to see what to expect).

– Britain is also a great base if you want to use your spare time or holidays to travel, whether it’s in Europe or the rest of the world. Britain also has a well-developed cultural scene. The British love to meet to do things together, everything from dinner at the local pubs, to soccer, musicals or big concerts. You can find all this stuff in the UK.

You will have a wonderful experience that you will have with you for the rest of your life, and will never forget! So, if you dream of studying in the UK, so there are very many good reasons to follow your dream! So, take a chance and follow your dream!

I highly recommend UEL as a university, check out more about UEL,


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