Remeber life is a journey not a destination


A new day with new opportunities, even on a gray and rainy day.

What values do we have and what is our goal in life? As time has gone so, also the goals in my life changed. The goals I had as a child are different from those goals I have today at the age 42 years old. The goals I have today will probably be different when I’m 50, eight years down the road……

Personally, I think that the goals will always be relative and constantly changing as the situation, you are in. Therefore, it might be better to have fixed values in life than established goals.

The values will most likely be more or less constant. By value, I think first on the values one would like to have in life. It may be that one decides that one will be forthcoming, finding the best qualities of those who were bypassed so that they can see their own value, grow, and flourish as human beings.

Maybe todays society’s try to fit all people in A4 life? What happens with the people who can not fin in A4 life? A good friend of mine who has passed away many years ago said this; “It’s better to be an original, then a bad replica of others life”.

Personally, I belive it might be better to stick too clear values in life than goals. Through clear values one might reach a personal goals in a better way than to focus on the goals itselves.

The big questions is what kind of value foundations do we want to have in our lifes? A human’s life can be compared to a house; it consists of three main elements: foundations, roofs and walls, and any decor. The foundations are the fundamental values that must never be touched without falling down. Ceilings and walls are important principles that enough can be customized any way, although that by and large the whole cannot be the subject of more than minor tweaks. The decor is the small items that need to be characterized by dynamism and change; otherwise, it will all soon be outdated. Nevertheless, the decor is most conspicuous and what we are most concerned about, the foundation we seldom sacrifices a thought in today’s society. Some reflections from Rainer Haak ; ” When you go forward the way your scout not just for the big , what one cannot help but see : mountains sea forest beautiful houses and High-rise tower . Look not only at the conspicuous: the sunrise and hot air balloon. I wish that you must have the ability to see what most people overlook. I wish you could see the inconspicuous flowers by the road, the decayed tree stump and lizard by the stream. Moreover, you could see people sitting by the roadside, Sad, despondent and resigned. I want that little could be great for you and that it could be insignificant Important. ” Maybe each and one of us can stop up a bit and be present in our journey through life. In a hectic and busy every day life, lets all try to remember that life is a journey not a destination.


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