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The Management Philosopher Glenn Hole has been headhunted to the position as new Chief Executive Officer of Fretex Miljø AS.

Fretex has decided to move from a regionally managed company structure to an enterprise-based company structure. This means, among other things, that all activity within the environmental area of Fretex is entered into the new company Fretex Miljø AS

The new company will be responsible for 50 Fretex stores, over 2500 collection boxes that collect over 17,000 tons of textiles. Part of this is sorted in Norway, while the rest is being exported to a large market around the world. Fretex Miljø AS is also heavily involved in security cuts and sales to businesses. The company will have around 500 employees and a turnover of around 350 million NOK.

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The Management Philosopher Glenn Hole has been named one of the top 100 leaders in Norway. Tuesday night went Assessit ranking of year young manager in 2016 of the stack. After careful testing of abilities and personality, job simulation and an assessment of both manager and employees fell Glenn Hole among the 100 best executives in Norway.
Mini interview with Glenn, only in Norwegian.

AUL 2017 Glenn Hole

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